Ivy Walker

Ivy Walker creates temporary artworks in the land and documents these through photographs. She places handmade paper cut-outs, or other art materials, into the land to evoke a temporary, poetic presence. Her artwork explores 'the ephemeral' and how this quality, paradoxically, connects all life with the ‘Infinite’.

Walker has a Master of Fine Arts in Painting and Drawing from the University of Colorado at Boulder, where she also taught Drawing and Art Foundations as a part-time lecturer. Recently, she has exhibited work at Redline and Emmanuel Galleries in Denver and at the Gunnison Arts Center. For more information, go to www.ivywalker.com.

I find beauty in the interconnections of the landscape, where cycles of change remain constant as lives flicker and fold back into the land; it puzzles, amuses and sometimes threatens. This larger reality propels me to explore the spiritual and resilient qualities of the ephemeral through a creative dialogue with the landscape.

I create temporary artworks in the land and document these through photographs. The artworks are made with both natural and art materials. A delicate, visual language is formed and speaks of connection and tenuousness. The physicality of everything is in flux yet energy never disappears, rather it is transferred into some other form. The moment present to us now becomes more precious when we realize its transitory quality. My artworks point to a gentle dialogue with the land and seek to influence an underlying consciousness about how we see and relate with the landscapes that surround our lives.

Drawing : All media, wet (gouache, india ink, some watercolor), dry (charcoal, love chalk pastels, graphite/charcoal pencils)
Painting : Acrylic paints
Printmaking : Linoleum or wood block prints
Art with Nature or Art in Nature : Natural and art materials