Garland Middleton

Garland Middleton grew up in New York state, where she was presented both with opportunities for country living as well as urban exploration. At a young age she decided that making art and being in nature were her passions. Garland studied Fine Art with a concentration in drawing and painting as well as ceramics and received her Bachelor's degree at the State University at New Paltz. There she had access to weekend NYC trips as well as hiking, nature walks and climbing. Her style in art stems from contemporary ideas and process based techniques. She finds inspiration in colors and patterns of the natural world, as well as shapes and designs of the man-made world. Garland's main mediums are watercolors and inks. "I love learning about the medium, which can present itself as one thing on the paper and then evolve into something completely different. Inks and watercolor, to me, allow true expression of both the art form and the artist." Garland has lived in Crested Butte for a year, with her jack russell, Rusty.