Celebration of Architectural Heritage

Wednesday July 19
6:00 pm

The famous Tipple House of Prospect reveals the rich mining heritage of this area through its materials, design and layout while simultaneously respecting the natural environment. This stunning home was designed by Sunlit Architecture, with its spectacular lighting by Eric Naughton of Electrical Logic. Both the interior and exterior materials – from the wood siding, soffit, fascia, doors, wainscot and stone veneer – were all recovered from the Gold Link Mine in Ohio City only 40 miles away. The original corrugated rusty metal from the 102 year old bunkhouse can be found on the kitchen island and wainscot. The namesake tipple observatory not only provides 360° views from its top, but also serves as the connecting point of the home. While at almost 7,000 square feet, each section maintains an intimate, comfortable and cozy log cabin feel while also providing a healthy environment. American Clay walls, recycled denim insulation and high efficiency appliances are just some of the green strategy features. The dramatic impact is one of exquisite design, creativity, and painstaking craftsmanship that melds effortlessly into the landscape and history of this place. To experience the full effect one must see the impeccable results in person. Don’t miss the picture of the actual mine in Ohio City over the fireplace. And even though the hills are covered in wildflowers, once the snow begins to fall this home has the additional luxury of ski in, ski out from Crested Butte Mountain Resort.

Chef Andrea Frizzi also expertly delves into his native heritage in his craft. Born and raised in Milan, Italy, Andrea’s passion for fine Italian cooking was fostered by his Venetian mother. He graduated with honors from the prestigious Italian Culinary Academy, and was awarded the "Distinguished Diploma o Merito" as the top graduate in the class. Andrea refined his culinary prowess in Milan for 12 years. As the Executive Chef at Saint Abroeus, he cooked for late Pope John Paul II, late US President Ronald Regan, Russian President Michael Gorbachev, Italian Prime Minister Andreotti, and many more. In the United States he served as Executive Chef for Bice Restaurant in Washington, D.C. and was named by Williams Sonoma as “one of the new rising best chefs,” and “best new young chef” by Dining Digest. At his own restaurant, Il Posto in Denver, Andrea pays homage to a cuisine that relies on the day’s freshest ingredients.