About the Community Iron Pour

"The Iron Pour is one of the most amazing things I've ever witnessed. It's a kinetic experience of art and power."
Crested Butte Community Member, Ian Wrisley
The Art Studio of the Center for the Arts presents the Annual Community Iron Pour during Fall. This spectacular event brings people together for a transformative art experience, as the Iron Pour Team pours molten iron into sculpted scratch blocks. Anyone can sculpt a scratch block, too, making this a unique shared experience.

For Community Members We provide many Scratch Block Carving Events where you can sculpt a design in your own block to be fired at the pour.
For Artists We offer a week-long residency with daily workshops and discussions and a lot of time for creating and sculpting.
For University Students We offer a handful of internships where you can earn credit for your work. Check back for details.

Everyone is welcome to this unique gathering!

2017 Annual Iron Pour

Photos By Nathan Bilow

Check out this great video from the inaugural Community Collaborative Iron Pour.

For more information, questions or inquiries, contact ASCA Program Director Melissa Mason at 970-349-7044 or email.