Mountain Luxe

Saturday August 19
6:00 pm

With one of the newest homes in Crested Butte (just completed in December 2016), Paula and Brandon Johnson have taken the traditional mountain style elements of rough barnwood beams and elk motifs and modernized them into a breezy contemporary rendition with surprising pops of shimmer, color and design. The neutral gray interior lends a clean atmosphere to be complemented with luxe additions from a whitewashed antler chandelier dripping with glimmering crystal garlands, to opalescent chevron tiles in the kitchen. Oversized Edison bulbs over a gorgeous white stone island reiterate the masculinity of metal beams and railings, while accents of apricot, rose gold and silver throughout the home accentuate the whimsical and glamorous feminine. Seek the crafted details, from trendy wood doors with thin lines of metal detail, to custom crafted benches and cabinets. Don’t miss the cigar room!

Private Chef Tim Egelhoff marries the artisanal world of classic European foundations with his Colorado inspired cuisine. The slow braising of meats. Delicate French Bavarian pastries. Hand-crafted cheeses. To these ancient techniques, Tim adds regional ingredients in a farm to table approach capitalizing on the season’s gifts. Chef Tim completed stagiaires with Masa’s in San Francisco, the Coyote Cafe in Santa Fe, and Tommy Tsunamis in Denver. He's journeyed to Europe, served as the sous chef at Créme Caramel in Monterey, experimented his way through the restaurants of San Francisco and Napa Valley. His meanderings informed the incredibly successful Timberline Restaurant, where he served as owner and chef for 21 years. He was also Executive Chef at Maxwell’s Steakhouse and 9380 Prime before turning his full attention to his private chef endeavors.