To regenerate means to bring into renewed existence, to replace that which is injured, and give it a new and more vigorous life. Absorb yourself into Nature. Be still. Reconnect. The Regenerations series is an active investigation of our relationships to Nature, community, creative expression and outreach through outdoor immersion, writing and visual art. In this all- day backcountry excursion, this particular Regenerations session works with the specific theme of “Connecting in Nature: Stillness & Noticing.” Slow down. Tap in. And allow the modern world to fall away. Through silence, stillness and observation, reconnect to the deep resource of Nature and the roots of your relationship with it. Process what you find there through imaginative visual and written art exercises that allow your senses and the floodgates of creativity to open. Experiment with free flow writing, drawing and making art with the land.     More about the Regenerations series can be found at

Instructors: Ivy Walker & Molly Murfee.

Regenerations - Cultivating Connections to Earth, Art & Activism

Saturday August 4th, 2018

8:00 am - 3:00 pm

Registration: $120

  • Required Equipment:  Basic equipment includes journal and writing utensil. Backpack with day hiking gear should include: 2 quarts of water; lunch and trail snacks; hiking clothes such as flexible, quick dry shorts or pants and short sleeve shirts; sturdy close-toe hiking boots or shoes; rain pants and jacket; warm layers such as fleece; visor or sun hat; warm, lightweight hat and gloves; sunscreen and lip balm with sunscreen. Art materials, other than your journal and writing utensil, are supplied
  • Physical Ability:  Moderate hiking ability required with ability to climb up to 700 - 1,000 feet of elevation gain and loss; ability to sit / stand / and walk on and off trail for six hours. A typical day includes hiking in for up to two hours with activities along the way, staying still in place for activities during the middle portion of the session, then hiking out.
  • Session Location & Transportation:  Students meet at the 4-way stop in Crested Butte and will carpool to the wilderness location from there. The wilderness setting will be specifically selected based on conditions of flora, fauna, weather and habitat.