"We regret that due to incoming weather, the Asleep At The Wheel show at The Center for the Arts this Thursday, March 14, 2019 is cancelled. All advance ticket purchasers should contact Jeremy Herzog, Performing Arts Director at Jeremy@Crestedbuttearts.org to arrange a full refund. We apologize for this inconvenience."

Western swing supergroup Asleep at the Wheel brings 40-plus years of experience to its unique combination of American blues, swing and traditional fiddling with demanding musical chops. Founder Ray Benson calls it “jazz with a cowboy hat,” and has played a foundational role in making it the living and creative genre of music that it is today. They dominate the “Country Instrumental” category with 10 Grammy awards, 20 studio albums, and 20 singles on the Billboard country charts, in addition to receiving the “Lifetime Achievement in Performance” from the American Music Awards. The band, originally from Paw Paw, West Virginia, now bases itself out of Austin, Texas. They come to Crested Butte with a new 2018 album – New Routes. Asleep at the Wheel is Ray Benson (lead guitar and vocals), Katie Shore (fiddle and vocals), David Sanger (drums), Eddie Rivers (steel and sax), Dennis Ludiker (fiddle, mandolin, vocals), Josh Hoag (bass), Conno Forsyth (piano and vocals) and Jay Renolds (sax and clarinet).

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