Tony Balbinot, bandleader and singer / songwriter, guitarist for the Cadillac Angels first learned music through 45 rpm records from a jukebox in a diner in Illinois where his single mother was a waitress. There, the likes of Johnny Horton and Jimmy Reed rose to the top, ultimately informing what would become the Americana Rockabilly of Tony’s band – the Cadillac Angels. Picking up an electric guitar and the mentors of Link Wray, Dick Dale, B.B. King and John Fogerty, Tony has led the band over a million miles of touring across the U.S.A and Europe, through ten full length original CD’s, and winning them the “Best Roots Demo” at South by Southwest in Austin. The trio stays true to the honest sound of one electric guitar, bass and basic drums to best suit the integrity of a style born out of the American heartland.

Food: Marchitelli’s Gourmet Noodle

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