Cheryl St. John

As a plein air painter in both oil and watercolors, Cheryl’s work is influenced by the beautiful landscapes of the Colorado mountains.

Using vivid colors and as few brush strokes as possible, her paintings are loose and impressionistic, exuding the cool breeze or warm sun she felt while painting the piece.
About the Artist
Cheryl is a fourth generation Colorado native with a great appreciation of nature, the environment, and the preservation of both. Born and raised at the foot of the Rocky Mountains and with parents that enjoyed the outdoors, Cheryl was introduced at an early age to the beauty of the Colorado mountains and developed her own love for the landscape that influences her artwork today.
Cheryl states, “Keeping the painting fresh and not over-worked is part of the fun and challenge of a good artist. I want the viewer to be able to feel what I felt when painting the piece … feel the warm sun, or the cool breeze, or whatever else is going on nearby, and therefore capture the essence of the scene for themselves.” Read more about Cheryl...  Or you may visit Cheryl St. John's website here
Virtual Gallery
We invite you to explore this virtual art gallery of Cheryl's works. You may click on each image to enlarge it on your screen.
To Purchase
Should you be interested in purchasing a valued piece of Cheryl's work, please email the Center at and include 'Cheryl St. John' in the subject line. We will get back to you within 2 business days to assist with your purchase. Or you may call the Center Mon. - Fri. from 9 am to 5 pm at (970) 349-7487. Thank you very much for visiting the Kinder Padon Virtual Gallery and for your support of the Center! We look forward to seeing you in Crested Butte this summer!
“Gold Strike” 8 x 10” Oil $850
“Bristlecones and Wildflowers” 30 x 40” Oil $7900
“Hidden Gem” 10 x 12” Oil $950
“A Trio” 8 x 10” Oil $800
“Summer Lupine” 10 x 12” Oil $950
“Simpler Times” 14 x 18” Oil $1950
“The Walk Home” 12 x 12” Oil $1250
“Fall Snow” 16 x 16” Oil $2250
“In the Peonies” 8 x 10” Oil $800
“Clearing Fog” 24 x 30 Oil $4950
Landscapes Brushed with Passion
“Early Wildflowers” 24 x 30” Oil $4950
“Bristlecones and Wildflowers” 30 x 40” Oil $7900
“Autumn Magic” 18 x 22” Oil $2750
“Sunset Glow” 46 x 60” Oil $17500
“Morning Stillness” 30 x 40” Oil $7200
“Sunrise Magic” 30 x 24” Oil $5500
“Autumn Reflections” 40 x 60 Oil $13500
Cheryl St. John - A Collection
“Spring Thaw” 24 x 30” Oil $4950