About the Community Iron Pour

The Center for the Arts had to make the difficult decision to cancel the October 4, 2018 Iron Pour.  We do not have the capacity this fall to effectively execute this amazing, yet technically complicated event.  The good news is the event is not going anywhere!  We will continue to produce it in the future, and we are already putting our energy into the October 2019 Iron Pour.  We'd like to thank our sponsors and the community for continuing to support this art making event, and we look forward to next fall's Pour.  

Pictures from the 2017 Annual Iron Pour

Photos By Nathan Bilow

Check out this great video from the inaugural Community Collaborative Iron Pour.

For more information, questions or inquiries, contact ASCA Program Director Melissa Mason at 970-349-7044 or email.

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For more information please contact Daniel Nabers at daniel@crestedbuttearts.org