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Becky Chappell  

Becky Chappell was born and raised in Washington state. As soon as she was old enough to hold a pencil, she began drawing and dreamed of becoming an artist. She had a voracious appetite for learning about different mediums and techniques, filling much of her time with art books and classes. In her 40’s, she decided to attend the Colorado Institute of Art and received her AA with honors in graphic design. She loved attending school and all there was to learn but quickly realized her heart was in painting fine art rather than graphic design. 

Becky came to Colorado for a vacation in 1971 and has been here ever since. Nature has provided a deeply spiritual connection all of Becky’s life and she felt very at home in the splendid nature of Colorado. The beautiful landscapes continue to inspire her in her landscape and abstract works.  

In 1977, Becky began doing scrimshaw (drawing/etching on ivory) for several different companies. This experience sharpened her drawing skills and also inspired her to crave using color and a looser way of working with art, in particular painting.  

Becky became more committed to painting and learning as much as possible about techniques, styles, mediums. She became very involved with local art groups, entered shows and taught classes. Becky started a mural business with two other artist friends and continued that for a few more years.  

In 2009, Becky lost her only son. She could feel his presence and his words to her to fully commit to her painting. In 2011, Becky and her husband moved to Crested Butte, Colorado. This truly felt even more at home to her, the natural surroundings being magnificent in their abundance and beauty. The community was small and the arts were thriving and vital. She took her son’s words to heart and has committed to art 100%, exploring a more abstract direction. Becky feels the process of her art has led her more in this direction over the years. Becky continues to paint landscapes in pastel, as she loves the outdoors and pastel both, and works on her abstracts also, as they are very freeing for her and is a style that enables her to express the deep spiritual connection she feels with life. 

Harriet Huff  

“Fall On Whetstone” is the view from my mountain studio with the mist rising off the Slate river below Whetstone Mountain. Last fall came with a few early snowfalls. The snow lasted about a day. Fall at Grant Lake is in Skyland where I take my daily walks and is one of my favorite places to paint in Crested Butte. The trompe l’oeil window hard edge represents the extremes of mankind and it’s creative perfection, while nature is organic and natural. 24x48” oil on canvas. 

Harriet Huff is an internationally award-winning artist, exhibiting in 98 art galleries over 50+ years, and numerous museum group shows in Paris, New York, Chicago, Texas, California, Hawaii, the Mid-west and Rocky Mountain regions. Harriet has owned three art galleries in Santa Fe, Steamboat, Colorado, and Maui. She currently is moving her main studio on Maui, A Room with a View, back to Santa Fe, New Mexico where she had her studio gallery on Canyon Road early in the 1970’s. She will continue to seasonal teach at the Hui No’eau on Maui. Her other seasonal studio, Artist Loft at Skyland, is in Crested Butte, CO.  

Harriet is an intaglio master printmaker with a BFA from California College of Arts and Crafts. Post graduate studies include School of Art Institute Chicago; University of Grenoble, France; University of Texas; University of Hawaii; Pratt Art Institute in Venice, Italy; and NY Parsons in Paris. Huff has been on the faculty of Philbrook Museum Art School, Tulsa, Oklahoma, where she is in their permanent collection; Colorado Mountain College; Eanes School District, Austin, Texas; Hui No’eau Visual Art Center, Maui; and Seabury Hall, Maui. Harriet has been featured in the American Artists Renown; Who’s Who World of Women, Cambridge, England; Who’s Who in the World; Who's Who in America; Who's Who in American Art; Who's Who in American Woman; and International Biography, Delhi, India. She is a member of the International Mezzotint Society, Hui No'eau Visual Art Center, Plein Air Painters of Hawaii, and Artists of Crested Butte. 

Jackie Kingsbury  

I have been a watercolorist for the past 20 years taking classes through the Scottsdale Art School, The Denver Student League and with many well-known instructors such as Stephen Quiller, Frank Webb, Tom Lynch and Jane Jones. I am a member of the Colorado Watercolor Society and have been accepted in several Denver juried shows. In addition, I am a member of the Evergreen, Colorado Art League, and the Verdes Art League in Arizona. This past January I received a first place award for my watercolor batik of poppies in the Fountain Hills, AZ juried show. Currently I am program chair for the Verdes Art League with the responsibility of obtaining artists to instruct our 150-member league in a variety of medias. I teach classes in batik wax relief on rice paper and the use of watercolor pens. I was a board member for eight years for the Center for the Arts in Crested Butte where I initiated Tour de Forks. I reside in Crested Butte and Rio Verde AZ. 

Janet Harvey  

Born in the UK, I came to the US as a graduate student in the 1980s, and have been a Crested Butte native since 2008. A long repressed, but ever nagging desire to paint and study art was finally able to become a reality when I retired in 2015 from a career in finance, and now, inspired by my surroundings, I spend my time trying to convey the beauty, vastness, and ever changing face of Mother Nature onto paper and canvas. I often use watercolor for a thumbnail sketch to test the composition of a subject, and then I turn to oils on canvas to create my final piece of art, although I have recently been experimenting with mixed media, as well as different painting styles and techniques. Trees and sunsets tend to feature prominently in my work, both as traditional landscapes, and as more focused pieces wherein they become almost abstract art. While I start every painting with an image in my mind, without exception there comes a point in the process when the brushes and medium seem to take over, and it is with surprise and delight that the finished piece of art starts to materialize before my eyes. I strongly believe that creating pieces of art should be fun and somewhat impulsive, not forced. To that point: I cannot make myself go into my studio on any given day and paint, I have to feel compelled to paint, and then I do!   

Jessica Loving  

Jessica Loving grew up in the once sleepy mountain town of Conifer, Colorado. She spent much of her childhood being fortunate enough to experience extensive international travel with her family. This gift of wanderlust thoroughly enriched her being. Before the age of 20, she had already visited over 30 countries and seven continents. Jessica studied Fine Art at Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Florida, from which she graduated in 2005. After moving back to Denver in 2006, she immediately became active within the art scene. She is a co-founder of Sync Gallery. She helped run several Denver-based co-op galleries including NEXT Gallery, EDGE, Sync and Core New Art Space. Currently, her work is represented in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Her large-scale mixed media paintings are part of collections worldwide — private and corporate. Several of her works are showcased in high-end resorts, hotels and spas around the US. Jessica and her husband, Chris, own the marketing agency, (in)spiregraphics. When she is not busy in the studio, she can be found hiking, snowboarding, backpacking, kayaking or embarking upon some sort of fantastic outdoor adventure with her husband and daughter. 

Visit Jessica Loving's website.

John E. Miller 

When something pleases my eye - wildlife, landscapes, people, flowers - my instinct is to share this with others. Some do this with an elbow jab and a pointed finger. I do it with a camera. My goal is to capture that perfect moment when the subject is unique, whether it be lighting, an animal's qualities or something just about to happen. I've been told many times that I see life through a viewfinder. Years of experience have helped me refine this skill. I use anything from point-and-shoot cameras to high-end gear with telephoto lenses. What matters most is that I capture a certain moment of grace, beauty or grandeur, move it to paper or canvas, and help others enjoy what I have seen. 


Kelly Frimel  

Kelly Frimel is an artist living off the grid at 10,600ft in Irwin, Colorado. This beautiful environment in high altitude mountains provides endless inspiration and a great spot to hammer away in the studio. On any given day, you can find an eclectic treasure trove of materials on Kelly’s workbench. Sterling sheet and wire, tiny faceted gemstones, miniature circuit boards, acorn caps, clear tubes of sparkly seed beads, self collected and polished stones, clock gears and even crab claws make their way into the mix. Unusual combinations and unique techniques are hallmarks’ of this artist’s work. This mix of materials is sewn, soldered, etched, hammered or riveted into a wearable piece of art. Kelly has always had a fascination with mini details, kinetic objects, heirloom pieces and found collections. These themes are explored through constant play in the artist’s studio. 

Mary Tuck 

Mary Tuck’s mantra is "Creating is my life's breath.” She works in many mediums, including acrylics, watercolor, and PMC silver clay jewelry, beaded jewelry, and colored pencil. Mary currently shows her work at the Paragon Gallery, the Midnight Gallery, and the Art Studio of the Center for the Arts Gallery. She has also shown her work at the Piper Gallery in Crested Butte. Mary teaches classes and workshops in a variety of mediums and is passionate about sharing her love for art and her expertise with students.  Mary is also an actress, singer and director with the Crested Butte Mountain Theatre and sits on the Crested Butte Creative District Commission, lending her artistic expertise and passion to a variety of community efforts.   

Suzanne Pierson  

Suzanne has a BFA from Colorado State University and a Masters in Humanities from CU Denver. On several Semester at Sea voyages and traveling throughout her life to nearly 100 countries, she brings global awareness to her work. Suzanne served as a former art and music teacher in Denver, Boulder and Jefferson County public schools; and adjunct faculty at CU Boulder and Metropolitan State University Art Department. Suzanne currently teaches a variety of art classes through the Center for the Arts. Her awards include: “Excellence in Education” by Colorado Governor Romer; “Given the Valley Forge Freedom Foundation Award.” Suzanne is also an internationally awarded composer, playwright and performer, winning the United Nations Environment Program "Champion Defender" award for her work with Children's Musical Theater & her Fine Arts Programs. She has been a professional singer-songwriter for 30 years and is the author and illustrator of Hap the Pup: A Dog’z Guide 4 Kidz activity book and audio CD. She wrote and produced two children’s musicals: Bodhi and the Rainforest and The Bear Summit Musical as well as Bear Dreams children’s book.  and “Bear Dreams” children book. She is the illustrator of Sue Navy’s Stranger to the Woods. Suzanne is a member of the Artists of Crested Butte, Crested Butte Creative District, Colorado Watercolor Society and serves on the Center for the Arts Board of Directors.  


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