Opening Reception & Artist Talk: Thursday, August 1. 5:00 – 7:00 p.m. Free 

I love nature. It is inspiring and nurturing. To me, flowers are nature’s highest expression, they fill me with awe and wonder, and I find them a challenge to paint. They are a spiritual experience in one beautiful, sunlit, colorful package. I have aspired to paint them, in all their glory. I take photographs, from gardens all over the world, of flowers that capture my attention and inspire me to make them shine. With my most recent works I have gone back to portraiture and am combining flowers and portraits. The beauty of nature, combined with natural beauty. The works I am showing are painted in a variety of Old Masters techniques: Flemish Tempera and artist oil, Tempera Grasse and artist oil, Casein and artist oil and Value Painting.

As an artist you evolve, change, lose and gain interest, explore, are challenged, focus, expand on a theme, settle into a subject until you are done then move on to the next thing, take classes, sit with other artists and get inspired, create work in your head that stays there, go crazy until you get it out and so much more. Then there are the questions- How do you start? Where do you start? How do you know what you want to create? Why do you want to create? What do you do if you don’t sell your work? It’s an evolution, an individual journey that colors your life, fills all the space available, feeds you, causes you to be curious, allows you to know yourself, is your life. For me, all the above is true. I paint because I have to, need to, have something to express, to say, to give. I’ll paint until I can no longer, learn always, be curious and keep exploring new avenues.   

Jody Florman's interest in the arts began at an early age. She enjoyed experimenting with a variety of mediums from fabric, sculpture and painting. And, she dabbled in dance, music, sports and catering. In college, she chose a major in art, focusing on fabric and bronze sculpture, graduating from the University of California at Santa Cruz in 1979. 

After graduation, she worked as a stylist for commercials and department stores then went on to the garment industry as a clothing and fabric designer / merchandiser in Los Angeles, New York and India. Color, texture and form were always a focal point. 

Moving to London she was a costumer for television, stage and film. Here she was introduced to the decorative arts. Her interest became a passion, then a career. Essentially self-taught, she attended various seminars, developing her talents in faux finishing, trompe l'oeil and mural painting. Over the next few years, she received residential and commercial commissions in London. 

Returning to the United States in the late 80's, she expanded her faux finishing and commissioned painting repertoire in high-end residences and commercial establishments throughout the country. 

At this point her artwork broadened to encompass her spiritual growth and focus. As Jody delved into her knowledge of self, she realized that she wanted to deepen her knowledge of painting. So, began the journey that started 10 years ago and will continue into the future. Most years Jody focuses on expanding her tool box by taking classes from master painters here and in Europe -Robert Venosa, Martina Hoffmann, and Professor Phillip Rubinov Jacobson, Brian Davis, Peter Gric and Koo Schadler- immersing herself in a variety of Old Master’s techniques and in the culture and people who are also drawn to this path of exploration. In many ways, her career as an artist is just starting, though she has shown and sold her work throughout Europe and the USA. 

Capturing light in her paintings is an essential quality in Jody’s current work.  Using flowers, nature, sometimes combined with portraiture as the primary theme of her artwork, Florman’s devotion to the creative process can be seen in how she meticulously captures the luminescence of her subjects. This will continue to be her focus as her creativity ventures into the new avenues she is exploring. 

Aside from her artwork, Jody enjoys her growing business, as an interior decorating / design consultant, Art Of Home (, expanding her esthetic and artistic focus into the homes of her clients, helping them create a home that makes them comfortable and expresses who they are.  



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