Rooting into Place

Start the weekend in an inspired, relaxed, open and connected place!  Register and pick up your name tag, breakfast and coffee and set out for the woods. We’ll initiate the day with a slow saunter in nature, sipping in the place, heightening our awareness and loosening up our creativity through readings of dreamy poetry and exploratory writing prompts. Root down in the forests and fields to discover this mountain environment’s both flagrant and nuanced personas. What is it trying to communicate? To teach? What metaphors lurk in its elements? Bring your coffee mug and small backpack to carry a journal, writing utensil, water, and jacket. Led by creative non-fiction place-based author Molly Murfee. Meet at Three Ladies Park on Butte Avenue on the way out to Peanut Lake Road. Included in Festival and Friday Day Passes. Individual event pass available on the Center's website: $20.

Instructor: Molly Murfee
Time:  8:00 – 10:00 a.m.


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