Spirits Series

Spike your thirsty Thursday happy hour habit with some knowledge and depth. The infinitely approachable and renaissance connoisseur of all things alcohol – Aaron Tomcak, owner of Mountain Spirits – waltzes through the hard stuff in a monthly journey of revolving poisons including tequila, mezcal, gin and whiskey. Price includes heavy appetizers and all tastings.
Instructor: Mountain Spirits Liquors Sommelier + Owner Aaron Tomcak
Cost: $45 per class
5:30 - 7:30 pm 

It’s like squares and rectangles: all tequila is mezcal but most mezcal is not tequila. From the type of agave used to the various growing regions and distilling processes, explore the rich and fascinating history of Mexican agave spirits as you taste through a fine selection of tequila and mezcal in that most appropriate Buttian locale, Bonez.

Let the fun beGIN! In this inGINeous class, move beyond Tanqueray as you taste a variety of top-shelf boutique and artisan gins and learn to recognize and nose the many and subtle botanical elements in this classic spirit. Students learn about the history, styles and distillation process of gin and walk away GINspired to create and GINjoy cocktails above and beyond the standard gin and tonic. Location: The Center King Community Room.

Whiskey curious? Get a handle on the basics of the most popular spirit in America! Expand your palate as you nose, taste, evaluate and learn the differences between rye, bourbon, Scotch, Irish and Japanese whiskeys, sampling a diverse selection of top-shelf bottles from all over the world. Location: The Center King Community Room