Learn the art of stained glass, each Wednesday,  in this 5-week course by making a stained glass window! Students select a design for their project from a set of simple designs for beginners created by the instructor. Learn the basics of cutting glass, pattern preparation, and glass selection. Then learn glass enameling to add details and texture to the glass. After the painted glass pieces are kiln fired, put together the final stained glass piece using copper foil and solder. Soldering skills are covered and each student learns to use a soldering iron to complete their stained glass piece. Finally, attach a wood border for added support if piece is larger and will be hung or installed. While this class is geared toward intermediate students, beginners are welcome and will easily be able to keep up. For safety reasons, students must wear closed toed shoes.

Instructor: Christina Stillwaggon
When: Wednesdays, October 23 - November 20
Time:  5:00 – 8:00 p.m.
Cost:  $165 + $50 
At 111 Elk Avenue