The Gallery at The Art Studio

The ASCA Gallery is located in The Art Studio Annex at 111 Elk Avenue (map). It hosts exhibits featuring work by local and regional artists. Featured artists include the talented instructors at The Art Studio. While visiting an exhibit, you can inquire about classes, check out the space, and learn more about programs through The Art Studio.
Open during Paint Your Own Pottery events and other times during the week. Please stop by!

The Art Studio Gallery currently features the work of five of our outstanding workshop instructors with Audrey Anderson: fabric arts and watercolor: mixed media and collage; Peggy Stenmark: watercolors and acrylics; Laura Elm: ceramics, drawings, paintings; Suzanne Pierson: watercolors; and Mary Tuck: acrylics, watercolor, fabric art and Precious Metal Clay. Downtown shoppers will fall in love with the variety of giftable, one-of-a-kind items handcrafted by this talented group. Show runs through December 15. At the Art Studio Gallery.  

Featured Artist

Audrey Anderson
Artist Audrey Anderson believes that we are the Land, and the Land is Us - and that Magic is all around us, all the time. Her work strives to communicate this relationship and to awaken in the beholder a desire to find this connection within their psyche. She has embarked upon a Sacred Search to find meaning in life using a collage of textiles and bits of matter that is intended to evoke wonder in the world before our eyes. Her palette is fabric and fragments of things normally discarded in daily life. Sometimes she creates a painting, sometimes she creates a doll stuffed with a spirit all its own.
Peggy Stenmark
Working in watercolors and acrylics, she paints the scenes of Crested Butte that are often overlooked by others, finding beauty in unusual places. Using strong design and rich color, Peggy hopes to inspire people to take a closer look at their surroundings.
Laura Elm
Laura spontaneously integrates words and creatures onto finely crafted studio ceramics and throughout the many facets of her drawings and paintings. Strikingly original images with lush, verdant pattern and repetition allow the meditative qualities of color and form to evolve with each piece.
Suzanne Pierson
Suzanne makes unique and treasured watercolors of memorable adventures in the mountain paradise of Crested Butte – brilliant with wildflowers and forests printed on easy to pack, ready to hang metal prints.
Mary Tuck
 “Eclectic creativity is the breath of life!” exclaims Mary. Mary works in all mediums – acrylics, watercolor and Precious Metal Clay being some of her favorites. Here she shows handmade jewelry, small acrylic paintings and silk scarves.