Tina Gramann takes viewers on a visual tour of rural Colorado with guide, Asian Barbie Doll. This unique and conceptual collection explores identity and race set against an alpine backdrop. Most of Tina’s work is temporary and experiential, with a focus on chalk art, event signage, window, and face painting that is ephemeral and experienced in the moment. For this series, Tina explores more permanent forms through photography, paint and mixed media. 

Opening Reception: Saturday, March 23. 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.  

Tina Gramann is a regional artist and arts educator. She is self-taught visual artist whose work is inspired by nature and years of teaching children and working in theatre. Tina has an MFA in Theatre Arts and an AAS in Child Development. She is the founder of Salida Creativity Lab, a community art and theatre experience for the young and young at heart.  

Visit Tina Gramann's websites at www.tinagramann.com and www.salidacreativitylab.com!