Vita Institute

Vita Institute for the Arts

Connecting practicing artists with professional opportunities for development and partnership, and a community within which to grow. 
ABOUT:  Vita Institute for the Arts is dedicated to meeting the needs of practitioners in the arts who are seeking continued professional education free of the constraints imposed by traditional, credit-offering institutions.  Our varied workshops are designed for practicing Visual Artists, Actors & Actresses, Writers, Poets, Dancers, Musicians, Filmmakers - anyone working in a creative field who is wanting both connection and growth opportunities within their work.  

The goal and ultimate mission of Vita is to breathe life into the artist through small community workshops and programs in places where culture and history stimulate the artist into visioning new ideas without restricting the experience by either a rigid format or an artificial grade structure.

Vita Institute offers learner-centered workshops and programs based on the idea of Novum Est–something new. These workshops and programs are led by nationally and internationally known artist-educators and offer self-motivated individualized programs of study within the structure of a small yet dynamic learning community.

Participants are encouraged to investigate their own vision of the world while developing skills with a purposeful inquiry and creative expression in locations both nationally and internationally.  The Institute also encourages collaboration between visual artist, writers, musicians, thespians, filmmakers, poets, and photographers -  collaborations that will expand and advance the dialogue between disciplines.

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