Enjoy a cathartic and educational painting experience. A great way to wind down after hitting the slopes, gain skills in watercolor painting ranging from basic washes to different kinds of masking, while exploring composition and color. Each session revolves around the creation of a single image, differing each session. Enjoy a glass of wine (or two), while you paint. These classes are designed to suite all skill levels - bracing beginners for a fun hobby, or refreshing professionals in a pressure-free environment. Your course fee covers instruction, materials and a glass of wine - though you are welcome to purchase additional drinks. All skill levels welcome. Ages 21+; come alone or bring your friends! Location: The Art Studio at 111 Elk Avenue.
Instructor: Karen Hill
Monthly on Thursdays 12 | 12, 1 | 16, 2 | 13, 3 | 12 + 4 | 16 
4 - 6 pm | $50 per session


Pair Plus One
Shadows: Learn the differences between a cast shadow and a form shadow and how to approach painting them. 


Country Market
Wet on Wet: Add wet color-loaded brush to the wet surface of the paper to create soft edges, running colors, and fuzzy blends.  


Monet & Rosé
Get creative at the Crested Butte Wine & Food Festival and capture Monet’s famous Water Lilies in watercolor while sipping on a selection of rosé wines. *Note this class is from 2:00 – 4:00 p.m. 


Jar & Pear
Preserving White and Masking: Use masking fluid—also known as liquid frisket—to preserve the white of the paper for highlights, etc. 




Country Barn
Glazing: Layer transparent watercolor over previously painted (dry) areas to add depth and richness of color. 


CB Landscape
Clouds: Use wet-on-wet and wet-on-dry techniques to create dramatic and realistic skies and clouds. Also explore the use of warm and cool colors.