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Curtis Speer_Blackberries & Thorns

Curtis Speer + Brandon Reese Gallery Show

Jul 1, 2021 @ 12:00 am - Jul 30, 2021 @ 12:00 am

In the Kinder Padon Gallery, July 1 – 30. Opening Reception Saturday, July 3, 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. 

“What Felt Like Home” by Curtis Speer
a curated limited edition collection of fine art photographs comprised of pigment on cotton.
“Honeysuckle” by Brandon Reese
works constructed of salt glazed stoneware and reclaimed native wood


Curtis Speer


Behind the lens of a self-taught photographer

I was born and raised in Lawton, Oklahoma. With a military base close by and a transient population, things never really seemed to happen in this seemingly small hometown. I began to pay closer attention to my surroundings at an early age. With a copious amount of self-prescribed solitude, I would spend time outside, far away from anyone. I tuned into the trees, the colors, the sounds, and most importantly, the light. Seeing things from at least two perspectives would lead me to continue to create bodies of work that play with the mind and the eyes. Using light as my main subject, I am able to capture the subtleties of life, death, color, contrast, texture, and emotion. With a full college scholarship for drawing, I was taught to develop my own perspective which would later apply to my life as an artist using a camera. My art is a result of continued hard work and perseverance. Working with designers along with the west coast and firms in New York, I never cease to get inspired by the people around me. Working as a prop & set stylist and design director for some of the best people in the field of design and visual display; Neiman Marcus, Williams-Sonoma, and Nike.

I gained knowledge and appreciation for the sometimes laborious process and developed my own approach and technique.I was able to walk away knowing more about who I am and what I am here to do. As I continue on my journey, I can only hope my art resonates with the viewer and compels him or her to slow down a little and turn inward. I would consider myself an artist that uses a camera, as opposed to a photographer. Visual storytelling is the focus of my art, since “anyone can take a picture these days,” as it was explained to me by a gallery in the Pacific Northwest. Changing perspectives is something I continue to open myself up to in regards to conversations, processes, and moreover, my artistic approach.

Photographs that take on the nature of a painting tend to create a dialogue with me and the viewer. My technique generally expresses a sensuality about whatever subject I capture; my art is visual, tactile, aural… and in some cases, what can be smelled and tasted. One cannot fully experience any work of art(visual, musical, performing)without using most, if not all, of the senses through our visual, aural, tactile, and olfactory capacities.

I opened my own fine art gallery in Provincetown, MA in May of2017. Going into its fifth year, CUSP GALLERY has proven that there is a vast audience who collects fine art photography.

Brandon Reese

Artist, Brandon Reese, works primarily with stoneware and porcelain. He received his BFA in sculpture from the Kansas City Art Institute where he became proficient in bronze, cast iron, steel, wood and ceramics. While in Kansas City he apprenticed with Jim Leedy until pursuing a graduate degree specializing in ceramics at Bowling Green State University. There, he had the privilege of working with artists Jun Kaneko, Don Reitz and Peter Voulkos. While at Bowling Green, he focused on salt and wood firing for creating unusual and varied surfaces on each sculpture. Upon graduation, Reese was hired by Oklahoma State University as an assistant professor of its newly expanded ceramics department. In addition to teaching, Reese regularly exhibits his large-scale ceramic sculptures. His work has been exhibited in Germany, and Taiwan. Galleries all across the United States represent his work. Additionally, Brandon creates corporate and private commissioned work for high profiled celebrities and clients. He also is a part of several permanent museum collections. Although most of Reese’s exhibitions are ceramic sculpture, he balances teaching the hand-building techniques with wheel throwing pottery and functional vessels.

Reese’s work is predominately known for their simple, familiar forms created in a variety of methods and at such large scales that they push the traditional boundaries of ceramic art. His sculptures playfully and beautifully express the idea that relationships offer a unique ability to enhance the individual elements while simultaneously unifying them to create a powerfully emotional and visual experience.

Artist Statement

“My current works are constructed of salt glazed stoneware and reclaimed native wood. I combine the clay and wood to bring emphasis to both materials and to make the viewer more aware of the characteristics of each. My work is motivated by life. An amalgamation of memories, images and relationships inspire all that I do. My fascination with architecture and patterns in life and in nature become the language that exposes my intrigue with the elements in relationships that connect distinctive individuals making them function like a unit. Scale heightens the visual experience of these structural investigations…playfully defining space and pushing the boundaries of ceramics.

My work also relates to my belief that the best part of life is the process; and that true success comes when you can wear all of the marks that life leaves with beauty and grace, allowing them to become a part of you and serving as mementos of where you came from and how you got there. My art wears the fingerprints, cuts, dents and other texturing as a roadmap and documentation of its creation.”


Jul 1, 2021 @ 12:00 am
Jul 30, 2021 @ 12:00 am
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