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Creativity & Cocktails
Painting & Prosecco

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Date: July 16, 5:00 pm

Upcoming Events
Tuesday, Jul 16
  5:00pm Creativity & Cocktails
Wednesday, Jul 17
  1:00pm Paint Your Own Pottery
  6:00pm ARTrageous
Thursday, Jul 18
  1:00pm Paint Your Own Pottery
  4:00pm Watercolor & Wine
Friday, Jul 19
  9:00am Stained Glass
  9:00am Wheel Throwing Workshop
  1:00pm Paint Your Own Pottery
Saturday, Jul 20
  10:00am Introduction to Screenwriting with Diane Bell
  10:30am How to Build a Monster
  1:00pm Paint Your Own Pottery
  2:00pm Cursing in Fantasy Worlds
  6:00pm New American
Monday, Jul 22
  9:00am Plein Air Watercolor
  5:30pm Stephen Kellogg and the South, West, North, East
Tuesday, Jul 23
  10:00am Middle School Art Workshop
  7:00pm Public Policy Forum
Wednesday, Jul 24
  9:00am Nature + Art Journaling
  1:00pm Paint Your Own Pottery
  4:00pm Pre-Festival Private Tasting & Fireside Chat with
Thursday, Jul 25
  9:00am Take a Hike!
  11:00am Lunch on the Italian Riviera
  1:00pm Paint Your Own Pottery
  1:30pm Seminar: Master Class - Aromas and Impact Compound
  2:00pm Monet & Rosé
  3:30pm Seminar: Weird Wines - Unusual Varietals & Unexpec
  3:30pm Seminar: Be Your Own Bartender
  4:00pm Afternoon on Elk: Colorado Creative District Wine
  6:00pm Winemaker’s Dinner: Argentine Asado
Friday, Jul 26
  12:45am Seminar: Rectify My Love – A Story of American Whi
  9:00am Wheel Throwing Workshop
  9:30am VIP Founder’s Breakfast
  10:00am Soupçon Lunch with Special Guests
  12:45pm Seminar: From Wine Lovers to Winemakers
  1:00pm Paint Your Own Pottery