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Ben Nemtin, It's ok not to be ok. Community event
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Date: August 7, 5:30 pm
Details: Gunnison Valley Health is hosting a FREE community event with Ben Nemtin, Star of MTV's The Buried Life and #1 New York Times Bestselling Author of What To Do Before you Die. Ben was struggling with depression and was forced to drop out of college. Searching for purpose, he and his friends created the world's greatest bucket list which turned into a hit MTV show The Buried Life. At the Center.

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Wednesday, Aug 7
  1:00pm Paint Your Own Pottery
  5:30pm Ben Nemtin, It's ok not to be ok. Community event
Thursday, Aug 8
  1:00pm Paint Your Own Pottery
  7:00pm CB Film Festival Presents Apollo 11
Friday, Aug 9
   Gunnison Valley Literary Festival
  8:00am Rooting into Place
  9:00am Wheel Throwing Workshop
  10:00am Putting the “Creative” in Nonfiction
  11:00am Read Like a Writer
  12:30pm Shakespeare and streetfood
  1:00pm Paint Your Own Pottery
  1:30pm Songwriting Workshop with Rachel VanSlyke
  1:30pm Poetics of the Alpine Sublime
  4:00pm The Next Voice you Hear
Saturday, Aug 10
   Gunnison Valley Literary Festival
  1:00pm Paint Your Own Pottery
Sunday, Aug 11
   Gunnison Valley Literary Festival
  9:30am Write in the Now
  8:00pm SPAGA featuring Aron Magner
Monday, Aug 12
  5:30pm Slim Wednesday
Tuesday, Aug 13
  5:00pm Creativity & Cocktails
  7:00pm Public Policy Forum
Wednesday, Aug 14
  1:00pm Paint Your Own Pottery
Thursday, Aug 15
  1:00pm Paint Your Own Pottery
  4:00pm Watercolor & Wine
  6:00pm Party on the Skyland Circle
  7:00pm Monthly Film Series: Ask Dr. Ruth
Friday, Aug 16
  9:00am Wheel Throwing Workshop
  1:00pm Paint Your Own Pottery
  4:00pm oil + bronze opening reception
  8:00pm Trevor Hall
Saturday, Aug 17
  1:00pm Paint Your Own Pottery
Sunday, Aug 18
  7:00pm When Shakespeare is Your Valentine
Monday, Aug 19
  5:30pm AJ Fullerton at Red Mountain Park, CB South
Tuesday, Aug 20
  10:00am Middle School Art Workshop