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CB Wildflower Townie Bike Raffle
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Date: August 24, 12:00 pm

Upcoming Events
Monday, Aug 24
  8:45am-10:00am CB Yoga Co-Op Class Vinyasa Flow
  12:00pm CB Wildflower Townie Bike Raffle
  5:30pm-6:45pm CB Yoga Co-Op Class - Gentle Hatha
Tuesday, Aug 25
  9:15am-10:30am CB Yoga Co-Op Class - Ashtanga Flow
  4:00pm-5:15pm CB Yoga Co-Op Class - Soul Flow
  7:30pm-8:30pm CB Yoga Co-Op Class - Rise & Flow
Wednesday, Aug 26
  7:30am-8:30am CB Yoga Co-Op Class - All Levels
Thursday, Aug 27
  9:15am-10:30am CB Yoga Co-Op Class Vinyasa Flow
  5:30pm-6:45pm CB Yoga Co-Op Class- Primal Power
  6:30pm-7:30pm AA Meeting
Friday, Aug 28
  8:45am-10:00am CB Yoga Co-Op Class - Yoga for Flexibly Challenged
  10:00am Workshop: “Writing the West: Crested Butte” in par
  11:00am Workshop: “Reporting on Controversial Figures” wit
  1:00pm Workshop: “Revision Techniques to Open Up Your Wri
  2:00pm Workshop: “Imagery for Everyone”
  2:00pm Poetry Symposium Session: “The Poetry of Ted Koose
  3:00pm Poetry Symposium Session: “Poetry and Artificial I
  6:00pm Festival Kick-off Readings:
Saturday, Aug 29
  2:00am Poetry Symposium Session: High Stress Levels: Expr
  9:00am-10:00am CB Yoga Co-Op Class - Mindful Flow
  10:00am Workshop: “Intro to Meter; Scansion Blast”
  11:00am “Workshop: “Truth be Told: Using Research to Infor
  1:00pm Workshop: “Eleven Tips to Increase Your Writing Pr
  1:30pm Workshop: “The Many Roads to Publication”
  2:00pm Workshop: “Interior and Exterior Landscapes: Merge
  3:00pm Workshop: Writing Sentences That Feel
  3:00pm Poetry Symposium Session:Translating Metrical Poe
  5:00pm Poetry Symposium Virtual Readings: Jan Schreiber,
Sunday, Aug 30
  9:00am Workshop: “I Know What I Have Given You; I Do Not
  10:00am Workshop: “Writing the Language of the Self”
  12:30pm Workshop: “Writing & Thriving Through Stress & Unc
  1:00pm Workshop: “Which West? Why choosing between cultur
  1:00pm Workshop: “Fierce Writing from the Heart”
  3:00pm Poetry Symposium Session: Frederick Turner, “The E