Brooke Harless Macmillan

Artistic Director

Brooke Harless MacMillan is a Colorado native with a BA in Creative Writing, and a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Nonfiction. She served in the Peace Corps teaching writing and resource sustainability in Jamaica before moving to Crested Butte in 2005, where she wore many different hats in the community. She and her husband, Jason moved to Istanbul in 2012 where Brooke worked for the Turkish Film Channel and wrote for Istanbul-based publications. After moving to Scotland in 2014, she completed her MFA thesis manuscript on oral histories of older people in northeast Scotland, and a look at aging and the elderly in our global context— a project she is currently expanding into a book for commercial publication. Brooke also delighted in attending and studying many of the abundant UK literary programs and festivals while living in Scotland and was thrilled to return to Crested Butte to direct the Center for the Arts’s new Literary Arts Department.

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