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In 1985 a determined group of Crested Butte residents converted a county maintenance garage into a community arts center. Today, that same building has been pushed beyond its capacity to try to fulfill the changing cultural needs of the community.
Over the last thirty years, the local population has doubled, and there has been tremendous growth in the number of events presented, the size of audiences, and the number and variety of educational programs provided by the Center for the Arts and its partner organizations. Two community organizations, the Crested Butte School of Dance and Crested Butte Mountain Theater, inspired the creation of the Center for the Arts. Today, twelve community groups utilize and benefit from the Center. Less than 8,000 people attended Center events in 1985, while last year over 40,000 people attended over 650 events, positively impacting the local economy by more than $3 million.
Designed to meet our community’s needs today and into the future, with:
  •  Flexible seating for 300-330
•  Dance floor and balcony
•  New Alpenglow outdoor stage
•  5 class and rehearsal rooms
•  4 art studios
•  New visual arts gallery
•  Culinary instruction and catering kitchen
•  Multipurpose meeting spaces for the community
•  State-of-the-art lighting, sound and visual technology
•  Energy efficient HVAC
•  ADA compliant
•  25,000 square feet
•  CLICK HERE to view the floorplan
  •  Total cost: $15.5 million 
  •  Total raised: $11.9 million
  •  Phase One - The New Building: $12.5 million
•  Phase Two - Renovation of Existing Building: $2.6 million
•  Phase Three - Renovation of the Outdoor Stage: $400,000

Board and Committee List



Ed Schmidt, President Joel Benisch, Treasurer John Bruno
Donna Rozman Don Haver Doris Altman
Shelle Carrig Robert McCarter Suzanne Pierson
Nancy Bush Jay Jones Tony Barnard
Randi Stroh Ursla Null Seth Novatt
Bob Valentine
CB Town
Council Member
Jennifer Brody
CB Film Festival

 Mt. Crested Butte
Town Council Member
Kathy King
President, Crested Butte
Music Festival

Design Committee Members

Ed Schmidt, President Crockett Farnell,
Owner’s Representative
Margery Feldberg
Dara MacDonald, Town of Crested Butte Melissa Mason Eric NaughtoN
Nicholas Reti Randi Stroh Jenny Birnie, Executive Director

Capital Campagin Committee Members

Ed Schmidt   
Jay Jones
Erica Vernon, Development Director
Jenny Birnie, Executive Director