Private & Group Lessons

individualized, tailored art classes

In addition to regularly scheduled visual arts programming, the Center offers private art lessons for children and adults. We are equipped to help you throw a private educational art event, like a ladies painting night or a jewelry making birthday party. Based on your interests, we will match you with the appropriate instructor who is trained in his or her field.

Lessons and events are scheduled with instructors who are local Crested Butte artists. 

Private Lesson Rates

Private lessons are $75 per hour for one student, plus $25/hour for each additional student.

This price does not include materials, which are an additional $10-$65 per student, depending on the lesson.

private lesson options

  • Drawing – Learn the basics of line, shape, form, space, value, texture through drawing your favorite subjects.
  • Painting – Watercolor, acrylic, oil...Choose your painting medium and we will pair you with an instructor who will help you capture the subject of your choosing on canvas.
  • Paint and Drink – Follow along with your instructor to create a painting in acrylic or watercolor. Sip a cocktail or glass of wine while you work. Great for small groups!
  • Sculpture – Learn sculptural handbuilding techniques with air dry or bake clays to create functional or non-functional pieces.
  • Mixed Media – Explore textures by layering various papers, paints, inks, and mixed media materials.

schedule your private lesson today!

For more information, or to schedule a class, contact us at at 970-349-7487 or

All classes are hosted in the Center's Hawk Visual Arts Studio, at the new Center building. It has a terrific view of Paradise Divide!