fierce writing fridays

Join us for an ongoing, virtual writing series that’s all about showing up and dropping in. Whether you are writing a book, starting a project, or want connection with other people, this process is not about being a good writer, in fact, it is the opposite. It’s getting messy with words on a page and sharing, finding your voice, being heard, and looking at where that leads you. Free, but donations are greatly appreciated.

DK Hawk: “I have always loved putting a pen on a page. Words, doodling, a story. Writing and sharing with others has opened a window for me that I could not have dreamed up. I hope to share with you what it feels like to be given a prompt and explore where it takes you. No judgment, no criticism… we will ask those voices to leave the room. Just pen on paper, bringing ourselves to the table. My background is in accounting and law… and then, I found my voice and my creativity. I am currently studying with writers including Laurie Wagner, Andrea Scher, Lisa Jones, Ellen Bass, and Nan Seymour. I look forward to seeing you at the table, together.”