Introducing…the Donor Wall

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The Center team is delighted to introduce the completed legacy Donor Wall. By the numbers…

  • 130 individuals, families, foundations, groups, and businesses contributed $10,000 or more.
  • 28 individuals and families have pledged to support the Center’s operations over a ten-year period as Front Row Members.
  • 10 individuals and families’ leadership at the end of the campaign made it possible to complete construction.
  • 242 additional donors do not appear on the Donor Wall, but their donations were crucial all the same! Their names are listed below.

All in all, 380 unique donors made contributions to build your new Center. Thank you. 

And our deep thanks to photographer James Ray Spahn for making these beautiful images. If you ever need top-notch architectural photography, call James.



our donors

The Stanley H. and Theodora L. Feldberg Foundation

The Weekley Family in Celebration of Bob Weekley’s Life

The Jones Family

The Hermanson Family
Cathey and Don Humphreys
Town of Crested Butte

Ginny and Gil Burciaga

The Clarke Family Foundation

Bonnie and Crockett Farnell

Maureen and Keith Gamble

Anne Lamkin Kinder

Kathryn and Scott King

Carol Ann May and James M. Saindon

Robert and Noel McCarter

David B. Miller Family Foundation

The Ogilvie Family

Resource Engineering Group, Inc.

Ian and Theresa Schaul

Edwin and Mary Schmidt

Anita and Bill Vallett



Lenni and Bill Burke

The Comiskey Family

Hal and Rosalind Cook

Rachael and Jim Deer

Sandy and Roger Dorf

Susan and Joe Downes

The Fretthold Family

Melissa and Gary Gates

Marilyn and Rob Gentry

The Blake Hawk Family

Denise Hawk

The Jobar Foundation of the Benisch Family

Gloria and Ren Kern

Jackie and Paul Kingsbury

Debbie and John T. Montford

Nathan Bilow Photography

Susan and Mike Padon

Bill Peatross

The Pine Tree Foundation

Kathy and Andy Rector

The Runner Family

Andrea and Richard Saperstein

Anthony and Randi Stroh

The Front Row

Mary and Richard Allen

Dr. John and Emily Bruno

Lenni and Bill Burke

Virginia and Ansel Condray

Margery Feldberg and Dr. Jeremy Levin

The Fretthold Family

Maureen and Keith Gamble

Robin and Hays Glover & Family

Becky Frey Real Estate

Frank and Daphne Goldsberry

Beverly and Balie Griffith

Dr. John and Margie Haley

Cathey and Don Humphreys

The Jobar Foundation of the Benisch Family

Jay Jones

Kathryn and Scott King

Jack R. LaDue Family

Anne Lamkin Kinder

Carol Ann May

Robert and Noel McCarter

Barbara and Randy Rosenblatt

The Saperstein Family

Faith Spitz and Garrett Smith

Stangl/Deutscher Family

Anthony and Randi Stroh

Venise and Larry Stuart

Bob Valentine and Steve Bolton

Bonnie and David Weekley

The Leadership Circle

Doris and Bill Altman

Tony Barnard

Joel M. Benisch

Mickie and Jeff Bragalone

Shelle Carrig

Bill and Monica Carter

Marilyn and Rob Gentry

Jay Jones

Anthony and Randi Stroh

Bob Valentine and Steve Bolton

Mary and Richard Allen

Debbie and Bruce Alpern

Benchmark Mortgage – Diane and Ed Beaumont

Bluebird Real Estate

Dr. John and Emily Bruno in Memory of John Peres Bruno

Bud and Nancy Bush

Mary Bush and The Bob Hill Estate

Becky Frey

Lacy Construction

Jack H. and William M. Light Charitable Trust

In Honor of Carol Ann May

Mary and Robert Pickering

Carol Roehrig and Frederick Seipp

Venise and Larry Stuart

Bob Valentine and Steve Bolton

Carol Webb and Don Wemlinger

Leah and Wynn Williams

Doris and Bill Altman

Tony Barnard and Rick Barnhart

Glenda and Jim Bertelsmeyer

The Cockrell Foundation

Virginia and Ansel Condray

Louise H. and David S. Ingalls Foundation

The Kingsdale Family in Memory of Jim Kingsdale

Francene and Chris Kopf

Christian and William Manuel

Luisa and Eric Naughton

Elizabeth Roistacher and Steven Polan

Jennifer and Sean Reilly

Carson and John Taylor

Stephen Tillery

Edie and Lacy Williams

Linda and Sanders Benkwith

The Berry Foundation

Sandra Estess

Kitty and Hugh Harris

Leigh and Stephens Mundy

Gail and Kip Richards

Betty and Dave Schneider

Rosemarie and Richard Whiting

Craig, Carmen, Cuinn & Cade Alexander


Monica Ariowitsch and Suzanne Pierson

Kathy and Clif Barnhart

Drew Bass and John F. Stull & Family

Mickie and Jeff Bragalone

Adele Broughton

Debra Cameron and Jeffery Hallett

Harvey Castro

Shirley and Gene Cordes

Neva and John Dawson

David Dimmock

Debra and Scott Duncan Family

Judy and Jim Gibbs

Jennifer and Gary Hartman

The Helios Foundation

In Memory of Anne Hickman

Pris Hodges

Mary Gwen and Ben Hulsey

Marina and Bruce Jefferis

The Keene Family in Memory of James Keene

Wendy and Mavis Kelsey Jr.

In Honor of Jackie Kingsbury

Nancy and Drew Kumpuris

Sissy LaVigne

Narda Lebo and Steve Gibbs

The Chris and Kelli Maguire Family

Chuck and Cathy McGinnis

Debby and Doug McQueen

Merchant Store Inc. – Pete Estep & Martin Zubek

Priscilla Natkins and Seth Novatt

Jeremy Neuner in Memory of Zane Mason

Marj O’Reilly and Friends in Memory of David O’Reilly

Matthew Peacock and Terri Duhon

Carolyn and Bill Reimer

Kay and Britt Rice

Lotte and Kevin Roache

Anne and Bill Ronai

Tim and Mary Rooney

Barbara and Randy Rosenblatt

Christy and John Segal

The Ralph & Martha Walton Family

Beth and Ben Wegbreit

Donna and Herb Weitzman

Becky and Joe Williams

Donna and Paul Witt

Debby and Nick Bradley

Debbie and Larry Brannian

Cathy and Peter Dea

Lori Divine-Hudson

Austin Eudaly

Don Haver

Kathryn and Luther Kissam

Melissa and James Kontos

Bert Phillips and Happy Fowler

Jerrie Runice

Alice Ann and Bruce Street

Katherine Tillery

Carolyn and Joe Westerveldt

Vicki and Steven Weyel

Elaine Weston

Jean Whittaker

Joy and Paul Adams in Memory of David O’Reilly


Melissa Belkin

Linda and Mike Boyd

Virginia Stuart Cobb

Gwen desCognets

Amy Divine

Abi Ferrin

Hali Frasure

Lynn and Gil Friedlander

Marcia and Alan Hegeman

Susan and James Maclean

Susan and David Miclette

Libby and Walt Mountford

John and Carrie O’Neal

Bobbie and George Reinhardt

Paul Roggenbuck

Donna Rozman

Julia and Andy Shoup

Delrena and Jim Sides

Alice and Larry West

Kathy and Rick Barnard

Rene and Diane Allen Bressink in Honor of Jackie Kingsbury

Missy and Phil Chamberland

Trilby Carriker and Dr. WZ Miller

Marsha and Richard Cole in Memory of David O’Reilly

Jane and Jerry Clark

Susie and Reggie Coon

Eileen C. and Bartholomew J. Dalton

Paula and Jack Dietrich

Corey Dwan in Honor of Jackie Kingsbury

Heather and John Featherman

Byrna and Joe Funk

Gary Garland

John Gavin

Jennie and Milton Graves

Liberty Godshall and Ed Zwick

Margie and Dr. John Haley

Nancy Gex Jones

Barbara and Bob Kauffman

Margaret Nass-Kennel and Peter Kennel

Andrea and Tim Lee

Sandy and David Leinsdorf

Max and Cheryl Lenker

Autumn and Clark Little

Linda and Doug McDonald

George and Adele Merck

Judy and John Miller

Kathryn and Perry Morton

Nancy and John Moss

Therese and Sammy Nagem

Kathy and Jason Napoli

Joan and Jim Prentice

Ann and Terry Radney

Michael Ranelle

Richard Reeser

Sharon and Dick Renwick

Cille and Mike Ribaudo

Teresa and Josef Rijks

Amy and Roger Rolfe

Joyce Roloff and Doug Kroft

Jim and Beth Stormont

Lynne and Ralph Veerman

Ellen and Joe Walker

Martha Walton

Sarah and Doug Wells

Sherri and Travis West

Jacqueline Wilson in Honor of Bob Valentine

Karen Young in Honor of Jackie Kingsbury

Barbie Adams and David McKenney

Anonymous in Honor of Carol Ann May

Owen Leslie and Donna Acquila

Elliot Brown

Nan and Fred Buxton

Amy C. and Thomas E. Castillo

Lisa and Alvin Childs

Cindy Cole

Larry and Karen Dunn

Sheri and Harry Esayian

Ingrid Gebavi

Suzanne and Andrew Hadley

Bryan and Liza Harlan

Janet and David Hicks

Mirabai Holland

Marlene Jaffe

Shelby and Ward Jones in Honor of Jackie Kingsbury

Heather and Wayne Kearney

Mike Marchitelli

Julie Marshall and Richard Jones

Trish and John McCarthy

Judith McGuire

Jane Meginnis

Lois and Rudy  Rozman

Barbara Shelton

Bradford and Chrissy L. Sledge

Cathy Sporcich

Marsha and Dr. John Soucheray

Anne and Clark Thompson

Marcella and Brian Wildes

Beth Wolff

Lynn Baird

Lori and Bailey Baynham

Peter W. Booth

Judith Cassel-Mamet in Honor of Jackie Kingsbury

Martin and Rosy Catmur

Kirsten and Gary Cook

Judy and Allen Cox

Nona Dailey

Eileen and James DuPre

Janunea and Ken Ford

Robert Garrett

Bonnie and David Inouye

Carolyn and Bill Huckabay

Suzanne Joyce

John and Kathleen Meyer

Christy and John Murchison

Jan Parker and Marcel Medved

Michelle and Joe Parisi

Ashley Phillips

Jan and David Seltzer

Emily and David Rothman

Kathryn and Albert Vogel

Erin Whaley

Fitz and Kerry Young, Mountain Colors Painting

Carolyn and Owen Anglum

Diana and Gary Baker

Leslie and Wayne Barclay

Joan Binkow

Kim Carroll Bosler and Ted Bosler in Honor of Jackie Kingsbury

Andrew Breibart

Beth Buehler

Stacey Cameron and Mike Shafer

Phyllis Childress

Les Choy

Terry and David Clayton in Memory of David O’Reilly

The Crested Butte Bank in Memory of David O’Reilly

Roberta and Paul Davis

Jeri and John DeFeo

Jackie and Earl DeFrates

Nancy and David Eleeson in Memory of David O’Reilly

Annette Ferrell

Bev and Joe Fitzpatrick in Memory of David O’Reilly

Sigrid and Dick Freese

Sheryl Fuhrmann

Susan and Bill Grana

Susan Gellert in Memory of David O’Reilly

Diana Graves

Dr. Marion Harrell

Betsy Heartfield

Lucy Hecker

Heidi and Jeff Hollings

Melanie Hudson

Harriet Huff

Eileen and Jack Hughes

Stephanie and Steven Juneau

Kristina Frerichs Kempin and Nicholas Kempin in Memory of David O’Reilly

Joyce Kohler

Nita Kubricht

Maile and Brian Lindley

Michele Mamet

Darlene and Roy Martin in Memory of David O’Reilly

Brenda and Joseph McHugh

Janice Meyr

Diane and Allan Miller

Sylvia Mitchell

Dan Murphy

Lou Nettelhorst

Donna Novak

Paragon Gallery

Caitlin Pettit

Polly and Jerry Points

Olivia and Tom Popplewell

Gary Rainwater

Mark and Jennifer Reeb

Jill Robbins

Kimberly and David Robinson

James F. Schorr in Memory of David O’Reilly

Melanie Scruggs in Honor of Jillian Liebl

Susan Semegen

Heidi Sherratt in Memory of David O’Reilly

Jane Edwards Shivers

Joanne Smith, Mary Henkel, and Linda O’Reilly in Memory of David O’Reilly

Debra Sporcich

Annie and Jim Starr

Eric Peterson and Cathy Steinberger

Peggy and John Stenmark

Joan and Randy Swift

Kyla and Bob Tipsword in Memory of David O’Reilly

Sharon and Edward Troy

Ross Tunkey

Jill Robbins and Elizabeth Turk

Jan and Linda Van Gorder

Richard Vila

Donna and Tom Walker in Memory of David O’Reilly

Anthem Ranch Neighbor to Neighbor Association in Memory of David O’Reilly

Beth Arnold

Eric Beatty

Ruth and Skip Berkshire

Bruce Clark in Memory of David O’Reilly

Harmony Cummings

Chris and Jenny DeFrates

Dave Desposato

Margaret Field in Memory of David O’Reilly

Nancy and Al Getten in Memory of David O’Reilly

Barbara and Chris Haas

Amy Harris

Mary and Kirk Haskell

Alice and Steve Jennison

Cindy Mattson and Kendall Jones

Jonathan Kinkley

Tammara and Jack Lawrence in Memory of David O’Reilly

Tyler Lucas

Elizabeth and Richard Magann

Janet Martin

Susan and Douglas Millstone in Memory of David O’Reilly

Frances and William Myers in Memory of David O’Reilly

Patrick and Jordan O’Neil

Janet and Thomas Reed in Memory of David O’Reilly

Thomas Roll

Tracey Schwartz

Holly and John K. Smith

Wolfgang and Lucinda Spohr

The Tampa Bay Times in Memory of David O’Reilly

Eric Wilson

Mary Helen Wilson

Yoga for the Peaceful

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