Artist: Sean Guerrero
Location: Brick Oven Pizzeria, 223 Elk Avenue
Medium: Chrome


What does the ornate and gleaming Chrysler Building, located in New York City, have to do with Crested Butte, Colorado?  Not much, really… however, there’s one link sandwiched between two aspen trees that very easily could elude you.

The Chrysler Building is considered a leading example of Art Deco architecture.  Built of a steel frame infilled with masonry, construction began in 1928 as part of a race to build the world’s tallest building.  It held the honor for a mere 11 months in 1930 when the Empire State Building took over the honors.  But due to its iconic and beautiful design, the height never really mattered anyway and the Chrysler Building is continually mentioned as one of the finest structures in the world.

One day someone sent Sean Guerrero, a local chrome artist, a photo of one of the eagles located on the building’s 61st floor. It juts out over the city like a hood ornament on an old Plymouth automobile.  Inspired, Guerrero decided to use it as a study.  However, he never even got to finish it as someone offered to buy it before it was completed.  Somehow it ended up on the Brick Oven Deck where, somewhat forgotten, it has gotten sandwiched between two trees.  Its embedded fate is certainly different than the airy perch of its inspiration. However, at least the lofty mountains that surround it provide the perfect home to its live counterparts.

Learn more about Sean Guerrero here.


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