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Thank You to our End-of-Year Donors!

December 21, 2020 | | 1 Comment

The Center is grateful to the 151 (and counting!) individuals, families, and businesses who have made end-of-year contributions to support our general operations into the new year.

COVID-19 has hit us all hard, and here at the Center we are working every day to move mountains, solve problems, and respond to the ever-changing realities of keeping a performing arts center strong and healthy. 

Even as you read this, the Center is buzzing with activities. Rehearsals for the School of Dance’s upcoming Clara’s Dream – A Walking Nutcracker, yoga enthusiasts stretching in the downstairs lobby, parents dropping off their kids for the Trailhead’s Holiday Break Camp, and painters and sculptors gathering in small, socially distanced groups or online to learn more about their craft…and so much more.

The Center is for everyone, and we are asking everyone who loves this special place to help keep our doors open and help us to prepare for an uncertain future.

Please consider a gift, in any amount, today.

here’s how you can help.

  • Make a donation, in any amount, online here
  • Purchase a gift certificate for your friends and loved ones for future Center events here
  • Make a donation of stock to help with your 2020 tax bill! Learn how here.
  • Donate your time by volunteering!
  • Underwrite or sponsor an upcoming event.


thank you, donors!

Craig, Carmen, Cuinn, and Cade Alexander

Bruce and Debbie Alpern in Memory of Steven Thor Alpern

Jenny and Greg Anglum in Honor of Anne Lamkin Kinder

Doug (Moose) Archibald

Jennifer Ash

Kathy and Rick Barnard

Tony Barnard

David and Christine Baxter

Mike and Mary Nell Beatty

Linda and Sandy Benkwith

Sanders Benkwith and Jeff Baynham

Cathy Benson

Joyce and R.C. Benson

Karl Zachar and Kara Bentley

Fred and Sue Berry in Memory of Kitty Harris

Grant and Alex Besser

Joan Binkow

Beverly Bloodworth

The Blackbaud Giving Fund

Blue Valley Carpentry LLC

Peter W. Booth

Rose and Channing Boucher

Michael and Linda Boyd

Mickie and Jeff Bragalone

L. Richard Bratton

Andrew Brown

Kimberly Brunson

Kathy Buck and Kevin Preloger in Memory of Kitty Harris

Beth Buehler

Gail Burford

Bets and John Carrico

Bill and Monica Carter

Holly Williamson and Chris Caskey

Judith Cassel-Mamet and Sam Mamet

Harvey Castro

Les Choy

Gerald and Jane Clark

Jack and Peggy Colby

Gary Cook

Rosalind and Hal Cook

Reggie and Susie Coon

Rosalind Cross

Paul F. and Robbie J. Davis

Alice and Robbin Dawson

David and Barbara Dehaemers

David and Jacqueline Desposato

Lori Divine-Hudson

Sterling and Melinda Doster

Sandra Estess

Elizabeth and Ray Fitzgerald

Chad Freedman, in Honor of the Benisch Family Cabin

Louis Freese

Nancy & Peter Gauss in Memory of Emily Rothman

Marilyn and Rob Gentry

Michael and Laurie Gottlieb

Susan Grana

Barry and Rena Grossman

Steve and Elizabeth Harless

Patricia Harringon

The Harris-Myers Family in Memory of Kitty Harris

Reid C. Hartson

Don Haver Donor Advised Fund at the Community Foundation of the Gunnison Valley

Betsy Heartfield

MaDonna and Max Hendrick in Honor of Anne Lamkin Kinder

Jim and Ynette Hogue

Eileen and Jack Hughes

Erik and Melinda Hulm

Shelley Hyde

Lang Ingalls

David and Bonnie Inouye

Jack and Paula

Thomas and Karen Jensen

Alissa Johnson

Lynne and Brian Johnson

Jesse Jones

John and Mary Jones

Nancy Gex Jones

Bob and Barbara Kauffman

Dr. Mark and Sarah Kaufman

Heather and Wayne Kearney

Ren and Gloria Kern

Blaze Associates, Kim Bosler and Susan Gellert

Thomas (TJ) Koehler and Hank Herndon

Amy Koutelas

Joyce and Doug Kroft

Owen Leslie and Donna Acquilano

LIV Sotheby’s International Realty

Marjorie Locker

Bev and Chuck Lueckemeyer

Brooke and Jason MacMillan in Memory of Mary Gordon

Dan Manzanares

Maggie and Tem McElroy

Frank Stern and Caroline McLean

Uwe Meissner

Mark Tardiff and Terre Mercier

Dave and Desiree Miller

William Miller

Kendall and Sherry Mikesell

Sylvia L. Mitchell

Becky Mitchell

The Moore Family Charitable Foundation

R. Gideon Morrison

Mary and Frank Mujica

John W. and Donna Y. Mullins

Leigh and Stephens Mundy

Daniel J. Murphy

Perla, Jeff, Danny, and Becca Myers in Memory of Kitty Harris

Judy Myers in Memory of Kitty Harris

Gregory and Linda Neuner

Paul and Kim Nixon

Donna Novak

Marj O’Reilly

Sandy Palmer

Roger Palmer

Walter and Stacy Peters in Memory of Kitty Harris

Suzanne Pierson

David Russell and Shelley Popke

The Public Policy Forum of Crested Butte

Ann and Terry Radney

David and Terri Rathje

Dayna Regan

Bobbie and George Reinhardt

Kerry and Kathy Rice

Rodney C. and Sara D. Richie

Mike and Nancy Roach

Kevin and Lotte Roache

Marilyn Rodman

Mary and Tim Rooney

Donna Rozman

D. Douglas Brothers and Lynne M. Rupp

Mary and Steve Sallman

Melanie Scruggs

Lila and Robert Sessums

Stephen and Joan Shewbrooks

Daphne and Jay Shipowitz

Shondeck Financial Services and Insurance, Inc.

Lia and Thomas Smith

Debra Sporcich

Dave and Chelsea Stangl

Cathy and Eric Steinberger

Jim and Beth Stormont

Patrice and Eric Streicher

Jim and Adria Strife

Randi and Tony Stroh

Clark and Anne Thompson

Richard L. Vila

Albert and Kathryn Vogel

Nancy J. Vogel

Joe R. and Ellen D. Walker

Karl E. Walter, Jr.

Scout and Martina Walton

Sally and Bob Whiteneck

Scott and Teri Winget

David and Julie Winn

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